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Green Dogs

The basis of a well-trained dog naturally starts with the dog itself, but what is a good dog? Everyone will have their own ideas about this. FRS Working Dogs has many years of experience in the field of purchasing throughout Europe and we can assess dogs in a short test on qualities and also on any negative points.

The following aspects are very important in the selection of our dogs and the dog is extensively tested for this before proceeding to purchase:

  • Stable and comfortable behavior in new situations. Responding to something new is allowed, but recovery must be fast;
  • Social towards strangers;
  • Not afraid of slippery floors, unstable surfaces, dark, loud noises;
  • Good urges on ball or kong, also want to look for this well. Dog must not be distracted and must remain focused on the ball;
  • Accessibility and intelligence. Drift is good, but the dog must be willing to learn and anticipate;
  • Normal behavior in the kennel. Of course they are allowed to be active and alert, but disturbed behavior such as turning around in circles or aggressive behavior such as falling out behind bars is undesirable.

In case of 'Dual' the dog is extra assessed on:

  • Confident in case of threat;
  • Sharpness on civillian and not on sleeve;
  • Bite, it must be full and convincing;
  • Attack with threat;
  • Biting in dire situations.

In the selection the dogs are approximately 1 year old and they are of course fully medically examined by a veterinarian. They are also x-rayed on the hips, back and elbows and the vaccinations are checked. Every dog is vaccinated against rabies and has a European passport.

We work with both males and females and do not believe that one or the other is better. This does not detract from the fact that we respect your preference and if you prefer a male or a female for your work, we will certainly take this into account when we look for the right dog for you.

If you have one or more dogs that meet the above characteristics, we may be interested in purchasing. Please contact us for this.

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